Pop-up config - spontaneously changing font and font size

04-09-2021 07:49 PM
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i am working with "Configure Pop-ups" in text option and it was working just fine. I set up config for one layer and today i just continued with another, but it starts to act kinda wierd. 

For the first layer a set up Calibri, 11, align justify, and continued with this setting for another layer, but everytime when i changed the text in pop-up, its increased font size up 1 lvl (11>15>20>etc.). 

So after few tries i just gave up and back out to default font (tahoma, 9) of the existing text. Nothing changed, it was still changing font size. 

I tried to delete and copy the text, same problem. 

I tried to delete and start new text. This time i didnt copy text but recreated whole text again. Everything seems to be ok, no changing font size. So my conclusion is the problem is caused by copying text form MS Word to pop-up. 

So my question: Is there any way how to avoid this problem but still using word as back up of text for pop-up? Because most of the popups have same text with only few changes, so i ma kinda lazy to write every pop-up to note pad, or make separete notepads for every pop-up/expression and word let me organized pop-ups/expressions in chapters so its easy to orient in 10+ pages documents. 

EDIT 1 : So i wrote the pop- up again, saved -> pop back and it changed font from tahoma to Segeo UI. If i try to change it to another font, its everytime go back to Segeo. It seems it is changing font only for changed lines of the text. I tried to test few thing, and if i dont change color/size /font the line what dont contain changes stays on tahoma 9, but changed lines (even if its contain one word with changed color) it switch to Segeo font. 

BUT, if i change font size of some lines (bacause i need to point out some information) it start the problem with incerasing font size. SO its not problem of (copy/paste) text. Its problem of formating pop-ups at all. ATM i can avoid the inceresing font size, but i would like to see some answers how to avoid this problem but still have opportunity to change prop. of the text. 

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Lucie - by chance do you have HTML expressions in your  pop-ups?  The reason I ask is a customer had legacy HTML expressions in the pop-up configuration causing similar font issues.  The customer deleted them and rebuilt them.  This cleared the changing font issue for them.

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i do not have any HTML expressions in my pop-up. Expression contain only if/when/if(find) commands, nothing else. 


Pozemek se nachází {expression/zastav_uzemi} na ploše {Funkcni_plocha} {Label}.


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