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DEM values not recognizing sea level as 0 meters

04-20-2023 08:25 PM
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Hi everyone! 

I took UAV imagery of mangroves and stitched it together. When I create the DEM in arcgis pro, the values for the water (sea level) are not 0. What should be 0m is 38 m. Because sea level starts on this DEM at 38 m, the highest point is 84 m, which based off traditional field measurements, is completely wrong!  Does anyone know how to alter the data to account for this? 

I included a screenshot of my DEM and values. 

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Don't know what went wrong with the initial elevations... that may be outside of Pro's realm but if you want to shift it

Solved: how to shift (Move) DEM vertically - Esri Community

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