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ArcGIS Pro is great

04-21-2023 05:31 AM
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I really don’t understand the hate. At the beginning of the pandemic I switched from ArcMap because the user sign-in option made switching between computers super convenient. The UI took a bit to get used to use, but overall I’m a fan. Categorizing projects has been a dream. Like setting up multiple maps and multiple layouts and a catalog tab in a single project is a dream come true. Packaging products and sharing everything makes sharing a one click process.

In my basic workflow experience, mapping has literally never been easier. The level of entry has lowered exponentially.

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I have never used ArcMap, so I can't compare.  I am self-taught on ArcGIS Pro, and I agree with WIMapper920 that the software is incredibly glitchy, crashes and freezes often, and is often slow.  I often end up setting up a geoprocessing task and then go to some other software to continue working on other things while ArcPro spins.  It is often not intuitive, but over time I have learned the easier/right ways of doing things in it.  I have made several internal training videos that I have saved on a sharepoint site internally to remind myself how to do things after it took me a while to figure out the first time. I find myself rewatching those videos often. Scenes are still incredibly problematic.  Nothing in scenes works the way you intend, especially sharing to ArcGIS Online. Often, the solution is sharing everything again, doing nothing different, and yet you get a different result.  It isn't always that it works, but rather different things don't work on the next attempt.  Try again and again until it works, which seems to promote insanity.  Drawing things in scenes is never as easy as the example videos ESRI has created. 

Finally, what I really would like to be able to have, would be for ArcGIS Pro to be able to function with files saved to Sharepoint.  I realize this is a more difficult task than it seems, but it would be 1,000% beneficial to not have to backup GIS files saved locally to a Sharepoint site, but rather to work with files in Sharepoint. I know it is "POSSIBLE" to work with files saved in Sharepoint and it is simply not recommended, but the glitches are just very magnified and if you have more than one user, it is too risky to try it.  You will end up with broken geodatabases with single records where there should be hundreds or thousands in a table. This is the single biggest improvement that ESRI could make in my opinion.



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I made the switch years ago to Pro; overall, I think Pro is the better product but there are a couple things here and there that are better in ArcMap.  The reality of it is everyone is going to have to migrate at some point as the support for ArcMap is going away.  The one thing I that I still use regularly and will really miss is the standalone catalog.

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