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07-16-2021 03:38 AM
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So I m trying to create a revision webmap for my users so that they can re-edit the submitted data form other users.

I created a custom configured popup using the following url:{globalId}

And this works as it should, the submitted record opens in the web app form and the users can edit and resubmit the survey.

However, I need for them to use the desktop application on windows. They will be working on a pc and the interface of the desktop app is superior when handling repeats.

So I created the following url: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=54e313eee86a4fd98084678fdfa7baac&mode=edit&globalId={globalId}

which allows the form to open in the desktop app, bit does not retrieve the data of the record.

Anyone had that problem before?

I read the following articles but couldn't find anything for my case

Thanks in advance.

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