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Custom Basmapping in ArcGIS Pro

03-27-2024 03:52 AM
New Contributor III

Hello. I am struggling to create my custom basemap in ArcGIS Pro. I can do the excact same tools (generate tile cache, manage tile cache, export, share, etc.) in ArcMap just fine but the issue I run into is selecting the tile cache scheme to use in the manage tile cache tool. 

I am wanting to create my custom basmap in a local coordinate system. When I create the tile cache using the input map that has data in the desired coordinate system and the map is in that coordinate system, it runs just fine. When I try chose that tile scheme in Manage Tile Cache for the "input tile scheme" it  will not allow me to chose it. It simply does not show up as an option. When I mannually enter the link to the tile scheme, it throws an error that says the origin of the tiling scheme can only generate tile up to LOD (2). I have it attached in an attachment.

Any ideas?

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