Creating a Vector Tile Style and Zoom Levels Not Working

02-20-2021 09:24 AM
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Hello GeoNet Community!

I am working on a custom style Vector Tile Style and I have it just about exactly how I want it, but I am having issues with the zoom level.

What I am trying to do:
I am making a Vector Tile Style that is Black and White. Everything is White except the roads, with major roads in Black, and minor roads in grey.

What I have done:
I got the major roads black just like I want, and I got the minor roads to be the color that I want. I have gone in (as shown in Figure 1) and set the minor roads to be visible at zoom levels all the way out to five, with a stop at 9 that has a defined line thickness.

What isn't working:
Even at zoom 10, which is closer than the stop at 9, the minor roads are not displaying on the map (Figure 1). When I zoom in to 12, they are showing (Figure 2). 

What I need:
I would love if someone here can tell me where I have gone wrong and why these lines aren't showing up when I am zoomed out to 10, or even 9.

Thanks in advance!

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

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I am encountering the same issue.  Were you able to find a solution?

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