Creating a map from Shapefiles

11-23-2022 05:12 AM
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I want to create a map in ArcGIS Pro from a set of Shapefiles (around 50 separated files, points, linears and areals).

Is there some default attributes that shall be given to the shapefiles in order to be visualized in good looking symbology? I want to get a final look like the Topographic Basemap, or something similar.

Offcourse I could do the symbology editing process manually, but there are 50 Shapefiles and I am looking for an efficient method to do it through the attributes, like preset values.

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There are no special defaults or preset attribute values when shapefiles are added to a map.  You have to symbolize them separately

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If you want to save yourself some trouble in the future for when you have to update the map or make a new one, you can save layer files to preserve the formatting, then switch the data sources as needed.

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