Create Tile Package stuck at 100% for hours

06-10-2020 12:26 PM
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I'm trying to create a tile package in ArcGIS Pro to use on a Collector map. I'm using clipped NAIP imagery. It keeps getting stuck at 100% for hours and not completing. I've tried leaving it overnight. It has all the required things: pyramids, a map description, etc. I've tried restarting Pro and restarting my computer. I can't figure out what could be preventing it from completing and would very much appreciate any suggestions. My Pro version is current.


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I have the same problem, trying to create a Map Tile Package from a few vector layers and the Create Map Tile Package tool is stuck at 100% for hours with CPU usage on 100%. I have ArcGIS Pro 2.5.2.

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Have you considered creating a Tile Cache instead? I prefer it as I can control the tile generation in batches.

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Reinhardt Botha Melissa Daniels‌ 

Is it possible for you to share the data that can be used to reproduce this issue? If so, would you please open a support ticket and provide details. 

Please ensure you have disk resources available and the NAIP imagery renders at the level requested.

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I have the same issue. I've tried a tile cache and tile package. For some reason when it gets to 100% it just sits there. I am also using some NAIP imagery, but I do not believe this is the cause. 

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I have the same issue with manage cache tiles--it gets to 100% and stops. I can leave it for days and the files do not change. I've started going through a couple of levels at a time to see where it starts getting stuck. No error messages are displayed. I'm using a mosaic dataset with overviews and analysis runs fine without errors.

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Did anyone find a solution? I'm running Manage Tile Cache in Pro 2.8.2 and it's also getting stuck at 100% with high CPU usage. I'm also using clipped NAIP imagery... a .jp2 file in an MXD.

Edit: it may have to do with the .jp2 file type:

I exported to a tif and was able to run Manage Tile Cache with no issue.

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I'm having the same problem with the Create Map Tile Package tool. In my case, I'm generating tiles of a topo contour layer in lods 14-19. This map is a single vector layer with scale base rendering and labeling. I've watched resource monitor as the process writes the tile bundles.  It finishes writing the tiles in about 2 hours then does nothing. Stuck at 100% for 24 hours plus or until I give up and kill the job. 

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I'm having the exact same issue in version 2.9.2.  The task starts and gets to 100% in about 25 minutes but now it has been sitting at 100% with the last message line in the details being " Creating tile package using 4 parallel instances."  for the last 18 hours.

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Same here. I've used the tool "generate tile cache tiling scheme" and after that "create map tile package". With a small Maximum level of detail (e.g. 6) it finishes in a few minutes. With a maximum level of 16 it takes 40 hours and does not finish

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