Create a land-system map from multiple land-cover raster

04-21-2021 07:12 AM
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I'm currently working on the creation of a land-system map using ArcGIS, but my GIS knowledge being really limited, I'm asking you, the community, for some help and advice.

I have 4 different raster (100m resolution) that each correspond to a different land-cover:

  • tree cover
  • bare cover
  • cropland cover
  • built-up area

What I want to do is an "if statement" through each raster step by step to get a final land-system map of 11 classes. I don't know if I'm clear but I made a flow chart that describe the process (see the figure). I know exactly what I want to achieve and it looks really simple in theory, but I'm a little bit confused on how to achieve this in practice in ArcGIS. I'm thinking about using the model builder.

Regarding the 4 rasters, I have no idea how to do the "if statement". Should I combine all the 4 rasters together and look at the value of urban, tree, bare and croplands for each pixel ? I tried, but it looks like a pixel cannot have 4 different values and it translate everything in terms of band. Or maybe I can do an 'if statement' by using the 4 rasters independantly...  

I will gladly take any advice, thank you in advance !

(I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.6.0)


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