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Create a grid (100kilo meter squares) all over a country without north-south distorted.

08-07-2023 09:59 PM
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Hello, I'm working on a comparison analysis between the USA and India. For this, I had to create a square grid of 100 kilometres covering the entire country separately for the USA and India. 

For the USA, I've used Albers conic equal area to create a square grid using generate tesselation tool. The USA didn't rotate or change the orientation (visually).

For India, I found Asia Lamber confront conic or Asia south Albers conic to create a grid. But the problem is that India doesn't look normal as the north-south changed the orientation.

Here it is:


I want India and the grid to look like this:


But this is generated using the fishnet tool with the area as '1', giving me a 110 x 90 size rectangle and changing as we go from south to north. 


Could anyone please suggest how to make 100km square kilometre with the above mention (2nd figure) orientation of India?

Thank you.

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