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Stereo Mapping Problem - assistance requested!

08-07-2023 07:17 PM
New Contributor

Hello all,

I am looking at raw TIF images in stereo using a Schneider Pluraview 3D monitor in a stereo map in ArcGIS Pro (3.0.2). The stereo element works fine.

However, I have also added a vector layer to the stereo map in the form of a 100m x 100m fishnet. My objective is to edit a text field in the grid as I move over the various fishnet cells. 

This process works OK for one or two cells, but then the software "hangs" and "white-screens", forcing me to shut ArcGIS Pro down using Task Manager. 

This happens every time I try to attribute the vector layer which overlays the stereo TIF image pair underneath.

ArcGIS Pro is a local install on my SSD drive. 

The raw image TIFs are located on an external hard drive mounted in a caddy.

Any help / guidance would be very much appreciated!





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