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Converting pie chart to graphics?

09-11-2023 05:26 AM
New Contributor

I created pie charts from data in an attribute table. I inserted them into a layout via the "Insert"-tab above. My problem is that they are large. There seems to be no way to convert them into graphics like one would do with a legend in order to edit text sizes, fonts, move objects, etc. I would like to fit the charts into places.

How is the user meant to edit pie charts inserted into a layout view?



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Esri Contributor

Hi TobiasWalter,

The Chart Frame on the layout (and labeled in the Contents Pane as Chart Frame), is simply a container to hold the chart that you've created. So while in the Layout view, you are only able to edit and modify the Chart Frame properties. Those properties include the Border, Background, and Shadow of the frame itself. You can also click and drag the Chart Frame to resize it on the layout.

In order to edit the Chart itself, you need to right click on the Chart in the Contents Pane and click Open. A Chart Properties pane should open, and there is where you can change the sizing of and fonts the text within the chart, coloring of the slices, and more. 

Here's our help documentation on Changing chart appearance and Chart Frames for a more in-depth explanation! 

Change chart appearance—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Chart frames—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


Hope this helps,