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Convert Database Annotations from Bezier Curves to Straight Lines

04-18-2024 09:27 AM
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We have a geodatabase annotation feature class that displays assessing information for parcels. Annotation classes include acreage, frontage, subdivision lot number, street number, parcel lot number.

Subdivision lot numbers, acreage, and parcel lot number types are always oriented horizontally (angle = 0). Street numbers and frontage are rotated to be roughly parallel with the street.  Frontage types are the ones I am having trouble with. With all other annotation classes, I can select them and change the "Angle" value to change the rotation.


This is especially useful for stretches of road without curves, where I want those street number annotations to be at a consistent angle.  However, with the frontage types, the "Angle" field behaves differently. 


With frontage types selected, and the Attributes pane open, the Angle value is always 0, regardless of the actual rotation.  I can rotate the features using the Move editing tool, or by changing the Angle value.  The Attributes pane has two tabs, Attributes and Annotation, both of which allow for changing the Angle value.  If I do so using using the Annotation tab, the angle of the features appears to change, but the Angle value reverts back to 0.  If I do so using the Attributes tab, an error message appears saying, "Edit operation failed. Invalid angle."


It seems that the frontage type features have bezier curve geometry types, while the other types are straight lines.  I suspect this is the cause of this behavior.  If I select a single frontage feature, I can use the Edit Vertices tools to change the segment to a line.  Doing so causes Pro to calculate the angle, which can then be updated normally like the street number type annotations.


Is there a way to change all the frontage type annotations from bezier curves to lines?

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Should be pretty easy. Unfortunately, I don't think you can do it en masse.

So, I have an annotation file here, and all of them are curved:


On the Edit tab in the tools Group, look for "Annotation". (This option also lets you convert multiline to singleline, etc)


Select the feature and right click.

Change the Curvature to "Straight" or "Horizontal"



The issue I'm having is that you have to do it one at a time; if you try with multiple selected you get these options:



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Hi Alfred, thanks for looking into it.  Yes, that's a similar process I found to do them one by one.  Unfortunately it looks like it's not possible to make that change to multiple annotation features at once.

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