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09-25-2020 08:37 AM
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In ArcMap, part of the Draw toolbox, I was able to click individual label where I wanted. I can't find that option in Arc Pro layout. Seems like even I just need  one or two labels  on the map, I have to go through a lot (sql / annotation gdb). It'd be nice to have that ArcMap option. Or may be there is, I just can't find it.

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Hello Saiful,

If you navigate to Layout view, and Insert, there is a section in the banner called Graphics and Text that has a large variety of options that should satisfy your need

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Hi Taren, thank you for reply.

I was actually looking for this ArcMap  tool.

I don't think it is available in Graphics and Text section of ArcGIS Pro. Couldn't find in Labeling tab either.

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I just reached out to ESRI support about this today and was also pointed to the 'Graphics and Text' section.  As you noted, this section does not have the click-to-label function that ArcMap does.  I'm not sure why the ESRI support 'script' for this question directs support to this 'Graphics and Text' section.  I too would love for this function to be available in ArcGIS Pro for the same reason you mention; sometimes you just want a couple quick labels based on a designated attribute.  The function in ArcMap has always been very helpful.

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It sounds like you're looking for the "Auto Text" tool, new in version 2.9. 

Click the Map tab on the ribbon, then in the Layer group click 'Add Graphics Layer'.

After the graphics layer is created, under Map, on the Graphics tab, in the Insert group, use the gallery to insert new graphic elements. Select the 'Auto Text' tool to label a feature from its label expression. 



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