Cannot enable archiving on a branch versioned dataset

09-14-2021 05:05 AM
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I have been using branch versioning in ArcGIS Pro where my enterprise  geodatabase platform is PGSQL. When I registered the featureclass as versioned, the option to archive the featureclass gets greyed out(obvious due to the fact that archiving is natively available in branchversioning) . The dataset has been registered as versioned without option of moving edits to base and I am still unable to enable archivingon my dataset. I need to have GDB_TO_DATE field so that I can perform the moment queries as explained here.

As per below tip, I am registering the dataset without an option to move edits to base


When I try to enable archiving, I get following error message which says that the dataset is already archived but if it is so then why I do not see GDB_TO_DATE field in the archive featureclass?



ArcGIS Pro Version: 2.8.0

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