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Can't add intermediate labels on raster layer (stretch)

06-07-2023 05:08 AM
New Contributor III

Hello. I'm working with a DEM raster and I'm having trouble setting up proper labels for the legend on my layout. The symbology is set to stretch. I set up custom max and min values to remove the outliers, so the legend looks like this:


I'd like to add intermediate labels, so it looks something like this:


And I also would like to customize the values and ranges.

I've tried to use the "advanced labeling" option on the symbology pane, but that just overrides the color scheme I've already set to a bunch of linear gradients.

ChatGPT said something about a color ramp editor where I can set manual intervals for labels? I couldn't find that, the only things available to me are the color scheme formatting options.

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