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Calculating the population inside and outside a buffer

08-15-2023 05:33 PM
New Contributor II

I have to calculate the population inside 1000m cells. The total population inside the cell in the images below is 2306.

Screenshot (690).pngScreenshot (691).png

The green is the buffer from a point. The orange falls outside the buffer. The population distribution inside the cell is even and I have to calculate the population for the buffered area and the area outside of it in the cell.

I clipped the buffered layer and made another layer with just the unbuffered area. But I am not sure how to get the population for these.

Area of the cell/1000 * population of the cell

Population of the cell/160000 * area

I calculated the fields using different formulas but the calculated fields were not right (I am bad at math) because when I summarised the fields, the total went way too high even above the overall population that is around 160000.

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Esri Contributor

I would recommend you to look at the tool Summarize Within (Analysis). If you use it with parameters for Summary Fields, Add shape summary attributes and Group Field (the ID/name of your cells) I think you will get an output where you easily can add a field and calculate area of cell inside buffer * total population of cell.