Can you add data stored on Sharepoint to ArcGIS Pro Map?

04-22-2020 09:46 AM
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Is it possible to add a csv file (or Excel spreadsheet) that is saved on a Sharepoint team site to an ArcGIS Pro map? When I try to add the file in ArcGIS Pro by adding data from path, I get a message "Invalid Path - Failed to create layer from "Your URL Here"". I also tried to map a connection to the file in the catalog view, but I can't do that either. I'm not sure if I'm getting this error because something is wrong in my path or because it's not possible to add a file from Sharepoint (even though my URL is correct). I've tried searching GeoNet and other ESRI resources and I can find alot on using ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint to map data in Sharepoint. But I want to use ArcGIS Pro to reference Sharepoint data - not use Sharepoint to map data. 

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@MollyWatson1 I have the same request. I have a spreadsheet that is being updated by end-users and I'm trying to read the data "live" or at least by manually running a script rather than pulling the spreadsheet off of sharepoint then separately running the tools in arcpro. 

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@MollyWatson1 @SamanthaGriffore   I also am trying to accomplish the same thing, except in AGOL. Thanks!

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Has any progress been made with this?


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Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to add data directly from SharePoint to ArcGIS Pro. This has been submitted on Ideas page and also, there is an existing enhancement request to add this capability:



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Hey MJ!

Just following up to see if any progress has been made on this since January. Would be fantastic to have that be a function in Pro or have some kind of workaround.

Having the ability to do something data joins to a sharepoint spreadsheet thereby having live updates would be amazing! 



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Not sure if this works for you, but I have certain SharePoint folders synced to my laptop, and I can connect that way. 

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I've done this as well and it allows me to save projects directly to sharepoint from within ArcGIS Pro. In order to access the synced Sharepoint folders from within ArcGIS Pro, I had to "Pin them to Quick Access" in File Explorer (windows). 

This allows for adding data directly from Sharepoint as well.  

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