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Calculate field stuck at 5% with SQL language

11-02-2023 03:36 AM
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Good morning,

I have a problem with "Calculate field" using SQL

The process stucks at 5% when i use SQL language.

With python and arcade the process is slow but works.

I tried with string, number, field but I have same results. 

This problem started monday 2023/10/30. Do you have same problem?

Do you have suggestions? Can you help me?


SQL Screenshot 2023-10-31 101518.png

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Esri Contributor

Hello @SYSMANOFFICE , please can you give us some more details about the "RUIUrbana" Table you are updating. Please find that Table in the map's table of contents, right-click select Properties, then select Source tab. Please post a screenshot of that Layer Properties form.

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