Calculate field or Calculate no longer active

02-08-2022 10:11 AM
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Today the ability to calc field values in tables is no longer working or available. This applies to points, poly's and line tables. I opened a number of previous projects and the same problem is apparent. This is the first time I have encountered this issue. Can't capture a image, right click pop up menu disappears when snip activated-

Any suggestions ?


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If it was for a single table, then I would have guessed it is because you have disabled editing for that layer. Check whether it is editable (List by Editing from Contents pane). But if this problem occurs across projects, then best to reach out to tech support.

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Hi @SteveCourtney ,

1. What is the source of the layers in the TOC? (Shapefiles/ File Geodatabase/ Enterprise Geodatabase)
2. Do you have Read/Write permissions on the folder or the geodatabase?
3. Are you able to replicate the same issue on a new  project ? (With any data)
4. Are you able to replicate the same issue on a project with the same source?

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You didnt mention which software are you using ? Pro or ArcGIS Desktop ArcMap ?

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