Best practice for sharing mosaic dataset offline

02-17-2022 02:21 AM
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I have created a Mosaic Dataset and I am looking for best practice advice for sharing this (along with the source raster data) outside of my organisation.

The issue is that when sending a Mosaic Dataset and the raster data to another computer, if the receiver does not store it in the exact same location is was built in, the paths become broken and need to be repaired (

This isn't ideal for sharing a Mosaic Dataset with a client who should just be able to install and view it anywhere on their machine, without having to manually repair paths themselves.

Is there a more optimal way of sharing a Mosaic Dataset offline that will retain relative paths and therefore the paths within it will not break?


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Seems to be a known issue:

Maybe Raster Proxies can help here? The paths in the proxy files can be adjusted easily.
Edit: looks like Raster Proxies also store the absolute paths, but can be set to relative paths:


I was able to import a mrf proxy file with relative paths into a mosaic dataset. @ASw93 It would be great, if you could do some tests and share the results.