Relative path names for mosaic datasets

05-09-2014 06:54 AM
Status: Open
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Please allow users to store relative path names for mosiac datasets.
Yes please!
Relative paths would also resolve "Enable Mosaic Datasets to Use Environment Variables in Path"
I discovered there's a request for this dating back to 2009 and ArcGIS v9.3, NIM043448 - Allow relative pathnames to be stored when using an Unmanaged Raster Catalog in a File Geodatabase. (Esri global login required). Use that number when talking to your Esri technical support people about this so the two ideas/requests can be tied together.

Apparently in personal geodatabases it is possible to use relative paths, see comment from Esri staffer Timothy Hale to Relative Paths in Unmanaged Raster Catalog?

Please temper previous comment (wish there was an edit feature for comments!) that older NIM is about raster catalogs not mosaic datasets, which are very different animals.

However in my defence, the scenarios that lead to these related requests is identical. On that note, please also see and vote for Relative paths in unmanaged raster catalogs

For me this is the difference between Mosaic Datasets being extremely powerful and versatile things that really transforms the way we handle large tiled datasets...and them not being that at all because I can't share them as part of GIS package because the end user will get broken links. It's sometimes ok to ask the end user to repair paths when they receive the GIS package, but (a) it's not great if they are a client and (b) if they don't have a standard licence, they can't repair links.

It would be great if you could make this fix ESRI.


I notice now at least in ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, in ArcMap/ArcCatalog if you right-click a mosaic dataset, there's an option under Remove - Reset Relative Path, but not clear what it does and couldn't find any documentation on it.  What does this mean?  Are relative paths now supported in mosaic datasets, if not, please make it so!  Thanks.


It's 2020....and still no ability to set the properties of a mosaic so that paths to the source imagery are relative.



















The attribute table in the source mosaics would appear like 




It would still be very good to have the ability to use relative paths in Mosaic datasets. As far as I'm aware relative paths are possible in everything so it doesn't make any sense that relative paths are not available in Mosaic datasets.