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12-21-2020 08:52 AM
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Hi I'm a mac user that has been running ArcGIS pro through parallels. However I recently upgraded to mac with the M1 chip. Parallels just released an ARM compatible version and it run windows ARM okay, put I can't get ArcGIS pro (arcmap 10.7 appears to work though). I would really prefer to work with Pro since I've finally gotten used to the layout are there any plans to make pro ARM compatible?

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Did you see the section in the help topic?

Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

(of course Reddit just suggested getting a PC)

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Sorry, but not useful.  ESRI haven't updated is page.  Until ESRI port ArcGIS Pro to ARM or windows finalize the x64 port emulator and release it to the public, Mac silicon won't be able to use it.  Even then, if it's not port to ARM, and only emulation is available, I do not think the slow ArcGIS Pro will be very useful.  

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I think this will have to wait for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to be ported to ARM by Microsoft. Afaik, ArcGIS Pro is build based on that, and unless it becomes available on ARM, won't be able to run on that.

There seems to be some promise though:

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ArcGIS Pro is not speedy so, unless ESRI compile it for ARM, using window in Mac silicon with windows emulating X64, could be very frustrating.

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Check out this new blog that discusses this: ArcGIS Pro on M1 MacBooks - Esri Community

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