ArcGIS Pro caching performance issues with AGOL datasets

03-17-2023 01:14 PM
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I noticed that the cache functionality does not seem to improve performance when our data is from ArcGIS Online.  I panned around on my map and I did not see any performance benefit between caching and not caching data.

Is there a reason why caching does not seem to help when using AGOL data?  If it helps I should note that caching data from a network Geodatabase works fast and flawlessly.


Technical information:

  • ArcGIS Pro 3.1
  • Data from ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer.
  • Panned around on the map enough to populate the cache in my session
  • No speed improvement between not caching data.
  • AGOL is "healthy" according to

Thank you for your help!

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This cache is refreshed when changes are made to a map, layer properties, or the data therein, such as when the features in a map are edited.

The cache is also not used when a filter or query is applied that would invalidate the cache e.g. a date-based filter to show features edited in the past 24 hours. This would always bypass the cache.

You could also look at the feature cache options here:

More information on caching - in a browser context - here:

The above info is for public layers, so some things like CDN may not apply, but still some good discussion around caching and how it works.

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Thank you for your reply.   I have not changed anything in the map, layer properties, definition query (none), or data (editing is disabled on the feature service).

I also added "Feature Cache" to my toolbar, verified autocache is enabled, so I would expect the cache to be filled as I pan around on the map.  Unfortunately I am still not seeing any performance benefit when I pan back on my map.

It sounds like i am doing everything right so I wonder if I should test the functionality on a different machine or call support..



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Is the service projecting on the fly (does it match the spatial reference
of the map)?

Do you have complex geometry?

Is there arcade based symbology or labelling?

Can you provide the service/map if it's public?

Tech support won't performance review your services specifically unless
there's a clear issue or question. General slowness... They'll probably
give you general advice.

It could also be worth looking at the ArcGIS Pro monitoring tools and your
PC vs system requirements. Client side rendering etc. May not be catching
of the service but something else.
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