How to get tick marks on the inner edge of a map frame?

09-08-2019 12:22 PM
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I have tick marks for denoting latitude and longitude on the outer edge of a map frame. Does anyone know how to flip these onto the inner edge?

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Zachary, there is a section in this link about 'interior ticks' if that is what you are referring to

Graticules—Layouts | ArcGIS Desktop 

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Hi Zachery, 

If you want tick to display along the interior of the map frame specify a negative offset (with the absolute value being the same as the length of the tick).

For example:

Hope this helps, 


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Hi Tom,

Using ArcGIS Pro 3.02

Ticks with


do not align to the map frame as an inside tick when the frame is rotated:


If I untick the "Draw perpendicular to grid edges", the ticks are rotate to follow the grid. This is not a desirable solution as well.



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I used offset to get the tic marks of graticule to the inside but still 2 problems-

1) the tic marks are -0.1 offset, and they float offset from the graticule frame


2) figuring I could fix this in a pdf or aix, I export the map to pdf or aix format, and the tics show on inside, but the lat long text on the L and top do not get included in the output file, nor does the graticule surrounding rectangle. Again could add these in an Illustrator file, but really- would prefer to have in the export file. In the export dialog, also, I have unchecked the clip to graphics extent.

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