ArcGIS Pro 2.9.0 Default Unregister as Versioned behavior?

11-17-2021 07:32 AM
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With the latest update to Pro in 2.9.0 changed the GUI for Registering and Unregistering feature classes as versioned in an Enterprise SDE.  While I appreciate the aesthetic change and consolidating the menu options.  My question is why is the new default behavior when using the GUI versus the Geoprocessing tool different? 

If a Traditional versioned dataset is registered without the option to move edits to base to support syncing and the GUI is used to unregister that dataset.  In prior versions you would be prompted if edits existed to compress to the base table or not and discard those changes.  This prompt does not appear to exist currently and in testing the GUI method does not appear to follow the same default operation of "Do not run if there are versions with edits", instead it runs unregistering and discarding and edits in versions.

Carl Flint, GISP
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