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Any way to export a DEM to LandXML (OpenRoadsDesigner)

10-06-2022 06:23 AM
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Hello community!

I started processing LiDAR point clouds for my current company with ArcGISPro, it does a better job classifying points than all the other software that we have. After I classify the ground, I transform that into a raster to make the DEM. My coworkers love the results, I get a nice smooth ground surface. However, we are looking for a way to export that raster to landxml so they can work on it using OpenRoads Designer. The only thing I read on the internet was to transform that DEM raster to TIN and then use GDAL to get a landxml file.

Has anyone tried this before? Do you know any other way I can import the ArcGIS Pro files to Open? That software can read other formats like .tif, however it won't let me create a terrain nor visualize the tif in a 3d dimension. I attach my DEM and the formats that OpenRoads can read

Thanks in advance!


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I don't know of any better way. But if you have a lot of these to do, then that process can get to be cumbersome, and you might want to try to automate it in Python. You can do this without using arcpy by using pdal to read the Lidar points and create the DEM. ( Then use gdal via Python to create the LandXML TIN.

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