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Understand Area Solar Radiation tool results

08-21-2023 03:48 AM
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Hello everyone!

I want to use the Area Solar Radiation tool to estimate walkability at street level. I have a DSM with a resolution of 0.5 m per pixel.

When I run the tool I set the time interval to 12 hours. I know the tools results are in watt hours per square meter (WH/m2) - so what does that mean for my pixel value? Is it a 12 hour average? When I look at the output the values range from 5-11,901 which seems pretty odd for an urban area In the direct solar radiation product, the range of values is higher! 0-97,949

Are these results normal? And if so, what are the "good" values I should expect at street level?

I would appreciate any information regarding the use of this tool

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