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08-25-2021 09:22 AM
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I have published a feature layer that has several sub-layers in it, however, I have created a relationship with one of the sub-layers. but after overwriting the feature layer. all previous layers appear in the layer list on the web map but the related tables do not appear. Any suggested solutions?

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@FrederickABOAGYE, have you tried adding the feature service to a new web map to see if the relationship exists there? When you overwrite a service, any existing web maps will still exhibit the settings and layer order of the previous service.

For instance, if you swapped 2 layers in drawing order, then when you toggle the visibility in the layer list, the opposite layer will toggle on/off.

If you need to update a service and can't create a new web map, you can modify the JSON using AGOL Assistant 


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