Turn off notifications permanently

08-24-2021 12:30 PM
Status: Open
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Create an option for users to turn off notifications permanently.


Or they could just allow you to un-check 'Allow notifications' which would make sense since they are using check marks instead of radio buttons. 


Even better!


Thank you for submitting this idea @GregFiske For you and others voting on this, we're curious if there are particular types of notifications or a particular situation that prompted you to submit this idea.  For example, importing a map generates a notification but there are also notifications when an update is available.  Is every notification equal to you and you simply never want to see a notification for anything, or is there a specific situation that is annoying and you would like to disable that permanently while allowing other types of notifications?

Having some additional details around will help the development teams understand how this could be approached.

Thank you


Thank you for investigating, Kory.  I don't think every notification is equal.  The main notification that prompted my request is 'Transformation Warning'.  I have some Pro projects that sit and run through many dozens of these notifications before they become responsive to the user.  I am aware of these transformation issues and I think it would be great if we could silence this type notification.  Ultimately, I'd like the control to choose which type of notifications to see -- if possible.

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Thanks for the details @GregFiske The transformation warning can be turned off https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/mapping/properties/default-settings-for-new-maps-and-s... 


Does that work for your specific situation?

As for the idea, given the clarification that you have provided, could you update the title and description to more accurately reflect that the request is to not permanently disable all notifications - and rather to allow the user "the control to choose which type of notifications to see." ?



Hi - the checkbox you highlighted appears to be turned off by default.  On or off, it had no effect on my transformation warning notifications.

Curious what others think, but I think it would be useful to be able to use the software while all notifications are disabled rather than sifting through each notification type as it appears.



I see - I read the warning more closely in the .gif that you provided above and it is saying that a transformation cannot be found, rather than that data added to a map has been automatically transformed, which appears to be what the options checkbox controls.  I can pass this along to the development team, but can you share details about the coordinate system of the map and the coordinate system(s) of the data you're adding? 

Oh, and one more question, what version of Pro are you using?  I tried with different data for which no transformation is available and got the following message - but it isn't the same as what you're reporting.  So the version of Pro and the map and data coordinate systems would be good to understand.



Thank you


I'm in a similar situation--I appreciate knowing when there's a new version of Pro available (just updated to 2.8.3), but am getting weary of all the Transformation Warning pop-ups that appear with every project I open. Once they've all opened I'm able to disable notifications for the remainder of the session, but would prefer to disable that type of warning for a project after initially given.


@KelleeKoenig1 out of curiosity are you getting the multiple, scrolling notifications like @GregFiske is showing in the .gif above from 8-30-21?


Yes, usually about 3-5 notifications.