Toggle visibility for individual Categories on Symbology tab

06-22-2011 12:13 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please include an on/off visibility checkbox in the Layer Properties Symbology tab which will allow you to control which values in a single layer are drawn.  This is currently only possible with multiple occurences of the same feature class added to the TOC, which quickly becomes overwhelming.  Thank you!

@KoryKramer For me, this idea is pretty similar but is focused mainly on Symbology tab. I need this function to make it in Table of Contents (in Layers), because I need publish layer to Webmap with these "checkboxes". So I don't know if its merge to that idea.

@TanuHoque Thank you for the suggestion, it does what I mean, it works perfectly on Subtypes with integer values or Domains, but there is a limitation to geodatabase only and you must make new subtypes a named in and so on. But it is lightweight workaround.


Thanks @notebooker I'll consult with the development team but I think we would need to implement the functionality in Pro and then ArcGIS Online/Enterprise would need to implement something separately for the functionality to work in webmaps. I would recommend adding your vote and use case to and I'll work with the Pro team to convey that requirement for consideration if this idea makes it into development.



Thanks @KoryKramer@notebooker 



I like to be able to turn on or off data within a layer, see attached file.

In QGIS you can turn on or off points within the same shapefile instead of having 37 different shapefiles if I work in ArcGis Pro.


Can what you're looking for not be accomplished with a Definition Query, a Display Query, or a combination of both? Definition Queries are utilized to select a subset of data without having to create a whole new file or manipulate your source data. I don't think it's applicable to your use-case, but Individual fields can also be made visible or not; this is more often  used to hide data from end-users.  Display queries are utilized to clean up an interactive map and make it more efficient to draw at different scales and enhance the UI / UX of published services.

NOTE: Edited shortly after my original post as the Display Query link pointed to the same link as the Definition Query. It should be fixed now, if not here




Yes, but the solution attached is simpler if you want to change more on the fly. Especially with data from other data sources when someone else have added all attributes and you dont have a good attribute to query.

But yes, your idea works as well 🙂


Hi, TommyLind, yes you can do this on ArcGIS.

What you are doing in QGIS is a categorized simbology, in Pro - Contents pane, right click your layer (rastplatser), simbology and select unique values for primary symbology, this option uses a field from the layer to categorize data, after that you will be able to turn on or off the categories, if you want to see a "layer" per point use the ID field.



Hi Eduardo! This is how it looks with your idea. The problem is that I want to turn off different data at different places in the map. Unless I make 47 shapefiles here I cant turn them off on with a click (however I can use Querys like Scott says)

Dont know if it clear up what im looking for.


Hello @TommyLind thank you for submitting your Idea! The Idea you submitted was the same request as this older Idea, so I merged the two together. The original text and comments from your Idea are now present here. Please give this Idea a kudo, so your vote counts toward this new functionality. 

Thank you! 



Hi @MarianneFarretta, I have looked around your post and are wondering if you know of an official enhancement that I can find somewhere on Salesforce. Are you familar with one? Then I would like to attach it to my currents support case
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