Toggle visibility for individual Categories on Symbology tab

06-22-2011 12:13 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please include an on/off visibility checkbox in the Layer Properties Symbology tab which will allow you to control which values in a single layer are drawn.  This is currently only possible with multiple occurences of the same feature class added to the TOC, which quickly becomes overwhelming.  Thank you!
This is on the LIST of ideas from the mining and petroleum industry- "Turn on and off features in legend like TOC"
From Esri: This enhancement request has come from several sources. It is being considered for a future release, and something Esri wants to try and get into the software, we just aren't sure when it could be implemented at this point.

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by Anonymous User
Pug Idea List 2014:  David Watkins, ESRI Lead
Currently under consideration for ArcGIS Pro

We can set up several types of symbols in Layer Properties -> Symbology -> catogories.  I noticed there is checkbox to turn all other values on or off quickly.  Please consider adding a checkbox by all of the symbols so that we can easily turn "County Roads" on or off with a click of a button while keeping the other types of roads on.


For a given layer and symbol set, create a tool to allow each symbol to be selected and only have matching records symbolised.

Similar to the Data-driven pages but for Symbols.

by Anonymous User

It would be really usefull!

But under consideration since 2014... 

Edit : any news for this idea?


Hi, All - 

Nearly 9 years since this was first submitted!?!  I submitted a very similar idea 1 month ago regarding ArcGIS PRO... you know... the future!   

Comment on 'LOOK AT ME!!!  PRO: Quick Filter Layer by SymbolClass'

Please go there and UPvote!!!  Since they're not really moving on this, maybe PRO will provide more visible opportunity for ESRI to demonstrate responsiveness and attending to the voice of the customer. (fingers crossed) 


This would be Fantastic!  Pro makes using def queries a bit easier since you can turn them off without deleting the query entirely.  Still, being able to toggle visibility like on the table of contents would save a lot of clicks drilling into menus and changing query values.  Sure, five or six clicks of the mouse doesn't sound like a lot, but it definitely feels like it when you are in a meeting using Pro as the conversation tool to quickly show data in ways you couldn't anticipate ahead of time.