Table response is too slow when navigating

11-16-2021 05:26 AM
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Navigating a table with numerous fields is too slow and hesitant.  Using the bottom scroll bar to navigate to the other end of table is not smooth like in Arcmap tables with numerous fields (50 - 100 fields or more).  Also, when dragging a field to another position, it takes a long time to move it to the opposite end.  In Arcmap, it speeds up when dragging and repositioning a field.  Performance in Arcmap is much better than Pro navigating tables.  Please, work on table performance in Pro 2.9.0.

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Hi @JakeKrall Here is a comparison using an ACS table with 60 fields, coming from a hosted feature service from the Living Atlas.

TableScroll_CompareArcMap to Pro.gif

I can't see any difference.  In order for this to be actionable, we will need a case that demonstrates a difference between ArcMap and Pro and in that case, it would be most effective to submit as a bug to technical support rather than an idea. 

Here is the guidance from ArcGIS Ideas Submission Guidelines and Statuses about performance issues:

4. Performance issues are typically complex and involve troubleshooting that may be specific to data, hardware, network, bandwidth, and so on, that are not generally applicable to all users.  While ideas related to performance are not strictly off limits, it will usually be more productive to work with Technical Support to troubleshoot performance concerns.  

Productivity and performance differences in ArcGIS Pro when compared to ArcMap are an important priority for development teams, so if you can provide us with a reproducible performance disparity, we can examine that.

Thank you!

P.S. I do see the difference you note when dragging a field and will report that to the team.  Thanks.


For the part about re-ordering fields @JakeKrall , for now, I'd recommend using the Fields View:

Reorder in Fields View.gif


Do you see the slowness when dragging a field in the table, not it Fields View?


Yes, from my first comment, "P.S. I do see the difference you note when dragging a field and will report that to the team.  Thanks."

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