Switch back from Catalog View to Catalog Pane

11-11-2021 11:52 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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In the Catalog pane, there is a button "Switch to View":



However, once you are in the Catalog View, there is no button "Switch to Pane". You have to close the View and open the Pane from the menu again. It would be nice to be able to simply switch back to the Catalog Pane

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This is a good idea, but since I typically work with both open at the same time, I would also like to see the the "Switch to View" function not close the Catalog Pane when it opens the View, because the very next action I have to take is to open the Pane again...and that is quite a pain. (pun intended)

What if the button just swapped back and forth between the two views? Sometimes I need to work in the Catalog View to find an object, but then I might need to add it to a map or copy it to another location, which works great if you have the Pane and View open at the same time (drag from one, drop on another). Here's a sample of how I would see a more efficient workflow:

I search for an object in the View, find it, right-click and open it in the Pane, then navigate the View to my destination folder or switch to a map, finally drag the object from the Pane and drop it in the View or Map.

This would also work for dropping objects into the Python window too, as it is easier to grab an object from the Pane and drop it into a Python window (because the Pane has a smaller footprint, and typically my Python window is pretty big).

Status changed to: Under Consideration