Provide more options for naming files when exporting a Map Series

05-30-2021 07:31 PM
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After reading this post (Export Multiple Single PDFs By Group From ArcGIS Pro Map Series), it prompted me to post about another enhancement I've been thinking about. In addition to being able to include the Map Series Group name in the file name, it would be handy if we could control the positioning of the page name in the final output file name. 

Instead of having the Page name added to the output file name as a suffix only, it would be good if this could be moved into it's own tool parameter (as check boxes) with the following additional options;

  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • At Character [##] (with input box for character number)

The 3rd option would mean we have to do less bulk document renaming after exporting to suit our document naming conventions where we start with (or a filename contains midway through) a Plantation name, but ArcGIS Pro only lets us include that as a suffix. A demonstration scenario is shown below. 

Currently, exporting files and including the Page Name in this case which is repeated for different plantations results in the repeated numbers being overwritten by latter plantations. Including the Group name would fix this. 


Selecting the Map Series Groups


(or pages within groups)


And you could select from the following options;





Yes, we definitely need this expanded functionality. I always have to use Bulk Rename Utility after map series export, because the filename options in the export pane can't meet our naming convention needs. 


Related to but that one doesn't talk about inserting at a certain character position...


Would love to be able to customize the names of map series PDFs! For my current workflow,  I would like to use a combination of values that are store in my attribute table as the output names i.e. LicencesID and AddressLocation. I can have multiple licenses at the same address so I am not able to use the address field as the output name and the average person hasn't memorized which license is associated with which location so we have to cross reference the license ID anytime we are looking for a map at a specific address. I'm able to use dynamic values to show attribute information in the legend, can this concept be utilized in the naming conventions of the exported maps as well?


Hi @SarahHartholt, have you had any luck with this since? I generate output files in FME regularly based on a filename. But, up against a brick wall with the Map Series output to PDF.

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How about an 'in memory'-field in which one can insert an Arcade expression, to be used as file name?