Pro: When browsing hosted feature services, icon or title should indicate if "Offline Capable"

02-27-2018 08:50 AM
Status: Open
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Nothing is more frustrating than connecting to Portal, AGOL, or GIS Server in Pro, adding a feature service, only to find that "Sync" in "Map" is disabled. Sure would be nice if in the Catalog View (Pane?), some doohickey (Icon? Color? New Column?) indicated if the feature service met the requirements for "Offline Editing" and/or sync. Expand this to show if "Maps" also meet the requirements. I manage several hundred feature services across all platforms, having a hard time keeping track of the one's I've updated for sync capability, the ones where I've tried and it failed, or the ones where HFS's have similar names, but only one is offline capable. I'd like to be able to have users easily identify those HFS's that are ready for offline editing.