Page Query that can choose Map Series Page dynamically

09-23-2021 05:21 AM
Status: Open
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Page Query can be used to toggle Rows in a Feature Class IF an attribute in the Feature Class matches the name of the page in a Map Series.  

This is great for toggling a ROW, but is limiting and not very flexible. 

What I would like to see is a dynamic Page Query that can toggle the entire Feature Class when a page in the map series is active. 

Example, we produce wall maps of our territory. There are 6 different Service Areas based on shops. Metering, Telecom, Apparatus, etc.  There are 9 different maps in the series. In most of them only 1 of the Service Ares needs to be visible. 

I would look for a dynamic page query something more like  a definition query.

MapSeriesPage =  <name of page> 


MapSeriesPage = <name of page 1> or <name of page 2>

The second would allow a feature to be visible in 2 different pages. 

Page Query could also be used to then limit rows. 

If a way to do this in a definition query using SQL that would be great.