Page Query that can choose Map Series Page dynamically

09-23-2021 05:21 AM
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Page Query can be used to toggle Rows in a Feature Class IF an attribute in the Feature Class matches the name of the page in a Map Series.  

This is great for toggling a ROW, but is limiting and not very flexible. 

What I would like to see is a dynamic Page Query that can toggle the entire Feature Class when a page in the map series is active. 

Example, we produce wall maps of our territory. There are 6 different Service Areas based on shops. Metering, Telecom, Apparatus, etc.  There are 9 different maps in the series. In most of them only 1 of the Service Ares needs to be visible. 

I would look for a dynamic page query something more like  a definition query.

MapSeriesPage =  <name of page> 


MapSeriesPage = <name of page 1> or <name of page 2>

The second would allow a feature to be visible in 2 different pages. 

Page Query could also be used to then limit rows. 

If a way to do this in a definition query using SQL that would be great. 

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I believe what you are looking for is a thematic map series, where you can turn features on and off per page, like in this idea If this idea meets your needs I'll merge the two. Thematic map series are slated for the upcoming ArcGIS Pro 3.2 release. 


I think what the OP is asking for is the same thing as my idea:

The Thematic map thing is not what is being asked for here, and thematic maps don't help this problem.  Please unlock this so this idea(s) gets more visibility.  It is sorely needed.


Thanks @KeithAddison1 for sharing your idea as well. This one could be considered a duplicate of that or thematic map series, I think having the links to both in the comments will help people vote on what is most appropriate for their use case. 

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It's not the same thing.  Think of this request like the thematic map series, but also making it able to change the view extents based on the query, not just changing the layers shown.