Map series - multiple templates / sections

02-24-2021 01:15 PM
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The map series in Pro is missing one very useful thing that 3rd party mapbook plugins for ArcMap used to provide: The ability to create a mapbook that uses multiple templates.  The one I used for ArcMap achieved this by dividing the mapbook into separate sections, each of which had its own template.  Right now Page Queries provide a bit of ability to switch around what features are shown on different pages, but they're rather limited by being confined to having only one page query, and they lack full SQL. 

If I have a multiple layers which I need to control sheet to sheet visibility of, and am needing to use multiple fields per layer to do so, my only option is to create multiple layout views/tabs AND map views/tabs each having its own separate index layer and map series enabled, separately export these series, and collate them back into whatever order they need to be in for the finished mapbook.  Quite cumbersome.  Example: I have two layers A & B, A needs to have its visibility controlled only by field 'LEVEL', and B needs to have its visibility controlled by fields 'LEVEL' and 'ZONE'  Due to the way this data is structured and continually updated, combining these two fields is not feasible.