Organizing of Maps within a Project

03-30-2017 11:21 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Providing a feature in the Project Contents to allow a user to organize their Maps would create more room for ArcPro implementation within a teams workflow structure. This could be a similar platform to Window Explorer where a user as the ability to create folders as well as see the last time a map was modified. Subsequently, a dynamic text referencing the map location within multiple folder would be of great use as well. 

Fingers Crossed!

PS - My team's current ArcMap workflow contains multiple .mxd files within tiered folder locations for each development project with a .mxd document path file reference in the layout. Our workflow transition from ArcMap to ArcPro would be almost full strength should the map organization become better in ArcPro.


Hi @BrookeAumann thank you for the thoughtful response and question regarding the status of this request. Under Consideration means that we have the idea entered as an item in the development backlog but have not entered it into a release plan. See the idea status explanations here: 

We understand this request and see that it will be beneficial - unfortunately we have had to prioritize other development work. We will keep the community posted through status updates.

Thank you!


I just discovered one issue regarding project 'folders' that may be related to this idea's implementation: if you have no maps in your project, you can't paste any in. The Maps folder is not there; the paste button is grayed out no matter where you go. Instead of just Ctrl+V, you have to go to insert > new map > back to catalog > open Maps > Paste > select Map > delete.


@wayfaringrob you should be able to drag and drop a map from one project into another project that does not already have the Maps container.


This would be exceptionally valuable addition and would add ease to leveraging project environments long term.

I often times feel a desire to reorganize my layouts by the type of task they are oriented to. At the moment, they are only left in the order that I've created them alpha-numerical order.

See below an example of the mosquito control layout items I have in my APRX project file:


Moving any of these items does not yield an ability to reorder.

by Anonymous User

@ConnerSchaak Agree! I have found I can rename the maps or layouts to get them to sort by putting a number in front of them. But renaming the maps and layouts causes ArcGIS Pro to spin for a long time. (why does that take so long?)


Before closing and re-opening: AndreaB_1-1685134307336.png

And then it won't reorder them without closing the aprx and re-opening! There is no "refresh" button to get it to reorder.

After closing and re-opening: 


@KoryKramer should this be 2 new ideas/bugs?

Thank you.



Suggestion: Allow users to group maps and layouts into subfolders under the Maps and Layouts folders in the Catalog Pane.

Context/Example: We have Pro projects that contain dozens of maps and layouts for figures that appear in different environmental reports for the same project site. They're all using the same base layers and showing the same project elements, so it makes sense to keep them together in one Pro project, but the list of maps and layouts can become very long and cumbersome. It would really help us stay organized if we could group them in subfolders under the Maps and Layouts folders. 



We would love to be able to group them in folders for each report (e.g. for the list above, we'd create folders for BRA, Cultural & Paleo, Desert Tortoise, DPR, etc.) so we don't have such a long list to scroll and comb through.

Thank you!



Yes Please!  This would be a really nice addition to pro -- I find i want to easily be able to separate my working maps (data development, analysis, etc) from my cartographic maps for a project.