Organizing of Maps within a Project

03-30-2017 11:21 AM
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Providing a feature in the Project Contents to allow a user to organize their Maps would create more room for ArcPro implementation within a teams workflow structure. This could be a similar platform to Window Explorer where a user as the ability to create folders as well as see the last time a map was modified. Subsequently, a dynamic text referencing the map location within multiple folder would be of great use as well. 

Fingers Crossed!

PS - My team's current ArcMap workflow contains multiple .mxd files within tiered folder locations for each development project with a .mxd document path file reference in the layout. Our workflow transition from ArcMap to ArcPro would be almost full strength should the map organization become better in ArcPro.

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Thanks for the merge - sorry I missed this one. Kudos!


Being able to have multiple maps and layouts within a single Pro project is extremely useful. However, things can get extremely cluttered within the Maps and Layouts folder of the aprx when you started to have dozens of different entries. 

It would be very useful to be able to create subfolders within these folders, i.e. separating the maps/layouts by project site. (same idea as how you can organize folders in Windows Explorer)

Thanks for your consideration!


I would like to expand this idea to all project folders, including Databases and Layouts. The ability to categorize and cleanup the project folders views would help considerably with project item management and reduce clutter


As an avid user of Pro, and someone who works on LARGE and potentially complicated projects, having no structure within the maps/layouts folders DRIVES ME INSANE. They don't even sort by alphabetical order or by numbers, unless you save and close the project, which is annoying. 

My temporary work around for this is to have a "Project Layout" folder within my project, that I reference and continuously save my layouts in, but this is not ideal, as it doesn't directly correspond with the project and it's base folders. 


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My idea is to able grouping in the catalogue for a project to make it simpler to read.  Just a symbolic grouping without effect in databases.

In my small project, with more than 30 maps and 60 layouts, making grouping like I wish would improve visibility.

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Hi @MarcelSt-Germain can you please read through this idea and let us know if that is what you're looking for?

i.e. the ability to better organize your maps, layouts, and other project items.

Thank you



Hum, not exactly.

Look at theses pictures.  


 What I mean is something like.



Thanks for the example, Marcel. Yes, that is what the other idea is requesting. I'll merge this - please be sure to add your kudos to the open idea. Thank you.