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Measure Tool Coordinates option

02-08-2022 10:48 AM
Status: Open
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Add an option to the Measure Tool to "measure coordinates".  Often we need to copy/paste the x coordinate and/or y coordinate to another software and need to do it individually, not both at the same time.  Also, need to be able to format the coordinates usually without commas.  So this  "3,282,689.85E 10,542,703.29N ftUS"   would become this, "3282689.85" in one box and this  "10542703.29"  in another box displayed in the Measure Tool.  Also, it would NOT require clicking on a feature.  What's Here and copy coordinates comes very close, but would like to see this option in the Measure Tool.

Would it be possible to have this added soon?

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It looks like if you format your location units so that you don't have thousands separators:



You can then get really close to doing this workflow using the Copy Coordinates command from the right-click context menu on a map:


You'd get something like this


where you could then take either the lat or lon as needed.

I understand this isn't the exact implementation you're asking for but wanted to share in case you were not already using the Copy Coordinates workflow.





@KoryKramer  Yes sir, that's very close.  Also, trying to avoid the suffix text and going to Excel, Notepad or Word before going to the final destination.


How does this not have thousands of upvotes??!

"Measure Point" should have been part of the measure tool from day one. Click Measure, select "Measure Point" from the dropdown that has all the measure options, click point, see coordinates. The measure tool is already snap aware, so this function is pretty much built already!

In CAD you type "ID" and click and it reports coordinates.