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Map Frame Display Constraint: include Increase/Buffer option with Linked map frame centre and scale

11-24-2022 07:19 PM
Status: Open
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When creating a layout with a main map frame and 1 or more inset map frames, it would be handy if we had an option to set a buffer distance around a linked map frame extent. 

Use case example: We have a map product where we may be looking at a small plantation area (1:10,000 scale) or a larger plantation area (1:25,000) scale, and depending on where these plantations are based (i.e. near an urban area vs out in the sticks) you may either get more or not enough surrounding information shown in the inset map based on preconfigured display constraints (such as the Linked map frame centre and scale). 

We have been using the Linked map frame centre option and manually setting a scale to show the appropriate amount of surrounding data for that area. Instead, to increase productivity by making this more automatic, we would like to be able to set a buffer % or distance value (i.e. km/feet) that is added onto a linked map frame extent as per the example below. A percentage would always give you a variable amount that shows more based on the area covered by the larger map, whereas a distance value would show a fixed amount extra around a map extent indicator.