Make ArcGIS Pro Faster (Benchmarked by ArcMap)

03-24-2020 02:28 PM
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Simple idea. 

GeoNet is flooded with complaints of how slow ArcGIS Pro is. 

64Bit Architecture was supposed to bring speed. 


Simple operations such as opening, saving, selecting, etc are sloooow. 

Geoprocessing takes forever and makes my PC sound like it's going to fly. 


I have compared the performance between Pro on my workstation grade laptop to my crappy admin laptop using Map and Map wins out solidly on almost everything. 


Pro has a nice UI and flow to it, but suffers from MAJOR performance issues on even the most powerful of machines. 

Working with local datasets has also not seemed to help at all. 


For reference, my workstation running pro has: 

8 core (16 Threads) Xeon 2.4 GHZ

32 GB of RAM

NVIDIA Quadro RTX300

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See this closing comment for details:


Hi @epoole I'm sorry that you're experiencing performance issues.  It's hard to say whether the enabling editor tracking issue is related to slow drawing, or adding layers, or locking up.  If you have already run through the checks in Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro then the best option at this point will be to work with technical support to understand the issues and hopefully get to a point where the disparities you're describing between ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap/Catalog can be documented in order to be investigated by the development team.  While comments on this thread help us understand in a general sense that performance needs to be a primary area of development focus (and it has been prioritized for the upcoming 2.8 release) they may not provide actionable steps for teams to make improvements without further details.  Hopefully you'll be able to troubleshoot the issue with support and demonstrate the time comparisons you've noted above.

Thank you.


I have just answered an email sent from someone named Bradley from ESRI,
concerning the ArcGIS Pro usage experience I have shared.

I will be glad to help and be helped on the matter. Feel free to contact
me. I can be contacted also on WhatsApp (my phone number
is +972-54-7559349) or Telegram (my user is @noftam)

Regards, Tamir

Thank you for the follow-up, Tamir!  I hope that you're able to work with Bradley to get to the bottom of the performance issue you're seeing.



I remember times, when ArcMap's poor speed has been compared with quick old ArcView. So this idea and these complaints in comments about ArcGIS Pro poor speed are a kind of paradox, which means that something is historically rotten in ESRI's approach to desktop software development quality. There could be tons of ideas for improvement on this page, but to no avail because of this one crucial thing. 


I use ArcGIS Pro sporadically.  For something that was supposed to be better because of the 64-bit processing, it has been a huge disappointment.  For doing basic map layout work, it seems that all the performance gains from 64-bit and the requirement to have an external graphics card were wasted on trying to make ArcGIS Pro more friendly for novices.  I agree with other posts about the frustration of basic things like trying to rename a map or feature class.  I realized that Pro is magically updating the pointers to a renamed feature class on every layout and map in a project - but I don't actually want it to do that!!  I'm usually renaming the feature class so I can make a new version of it (while maintaining a backup), and I want everything in the project to point to that new feature class with the original name - and I want the renaming of a feature class to be done in a blink of an eye rather than over 10 seconds. 

On the other hand, my arcpy scripts run beautifully - it just isn't easy to figure out how far to nudge the legend or how to adjust labels without seeing it. 


Hi @AlisonMynsberge there is discussion about this here When renaming data sources that a project uses (maps, layouts, etc.) yes, the project maintains those links (just like ArcMap does) so that you don't end up with a bunch of broken layers.  If you want to rename feature classes and not have layers' data sources update, then I think the best approach would be to work in an untitled project.  Then if needed, you can Update data sources—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Can you run Can You Run It from the system requirements page and share the results here? Both the Minimum tab and Recommended tab - it will look like this...


Thank you.



I'd love to have a $1200 laptop with an external graphics card.  I asked, but it was not approved.


I'm using Pro 2.7.2 on a 16 GB Intel Core 3.30 GHz machine and I just sat waiting for 5 minutes after I added one value to a domain through the catalog view and saved changes.  That's pretty poor performance.  Pro is much slower than ArcMap still, but it's growing on me, as I need the integrated editing capabilities of both local network and ArcGIS Online features.  


I am using Pro v 2.6.3. My project has 15 layouts, it takes minutes to open the project and every single operation is so slow. I am babysitting the computer after any small change... I cannot use it for productive work!! 


cannot image how those demos worked!