Make ArcGIS Pro Faster (Benchmarked by ArcMap)

03-24-2020 02:28 PM
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Simple idea. 

GeoNet is flooded with complaints of how slow ArcGIS Pro is. 

64Bit Architecture was supposed to bring speed. 


Simple operations such as opening, saving, selecting, etc are sloooow. 

Geoprocessing takes forever and makes my PC sound like it's going to fly. 


I have compared the performance between Pro on my workstation grade laptop to my crappy admin laptop using Map and Map wins out solidly on almost everything. 


Pro has a nice UI and flow to it, but suffers from MAJOR performance issues on even the most powerful of machines. 

Working with local datasets has also not seemed to help at all. 


For reference, my workstation running pro has: 

8 core (16 Threads) Xeon 2.4 GHZ

32 GB of RAM

NVIDIA Quadro RTX300

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See this closing comment for details:


Please fix this.  


I can deal with some long processing times but layouts should be the easy part. I can not finish a map these days. Hours of waiting to edit text, graphics, scale bars, legends and locations of a few imported images.  This is getting out of control. 

Please if anyone figures something out and let us all know so I don't lose my mind. 


I second all of these sentiments. Working with even simple graphics and text in Pro layouts becomes a huge laborious task. People ask me for edits that are necessary at a timely basis but Im just over here waiting for Pro to respond. All data held locally. 32 GB of RAM. No other resource intensive applications open on my computer. What's going on under there? Why is it necessary to own a super computer, or invest in cloud GPUs to run your application well? I'll experience the same amount of lag in Illustrator, only after adding hundreds of layers with the same comp specs. 


- Also, I have Pro on the Absolute lowest graphics settings, important to add. 


Opening geoprocessing tools is noticeably slower in ArcGIS Pro


Quite frankly this software is a joke.  It's all great until you go to use it.  What is happening in my situation is everything is working just fine, then boom, the hammer drops and Pro says I'm not working on this project any longer.  Things that worked fine 3 minutes ago are taking minutes to update.  Simple things, like clicking on a locally stored annotation feature class.  Might have been instantaneous 3 minutes ago, now for the rest of the afternoon each click takes 30-60 seconds to resolve.  The behavior is random and we can't seem to pinpoint it to any data sets, times of day, network issues, or other computer behaviors. 

Our whole company seems to be having this issue, it's not just me.  We've tried everything outside of hiring a rocket scientist look into it. The worst part of this is the ESRI techs answering some of these questions act like this is the first they're hearing of this.  It's a joke, the software is a joke, and it's not looking good for ESRI. 


I told my friends how lovely is ArcGIS Pro. But,  when projects are getting bigger, it starts malfunctioning in basic functionality, like Simple labeling, IDENTIFY works like a nightmare, pan and zoom. etc. My project has about 10,000 point features with simple symbology, about 5000 polylines that only 100 of which are turned on, and 1000 polygons, which are only 5.

I am really frustrated and disappointed, especially after recommending my friends to move to pro  (ArcGIS pro 2.7.1). 


No change in 2.7.0.

Wondering if ESRI is spreading itself thin with expanding into new technologies rather than actually improving the "new and improved" workhorses.


Hi @JeanetteHarlow1 Sorry to hear that you're experiencing performance issues.  I double-checked the comments on this thread and didn't see any details about the nature of the performance problem you're seeing, so while the Pro development team is always working to improve performance, with the upcoming Pro 2.8 release being very tightly focused on performance and quality improvements, it would be impossible to say whether the work will help with what you're experiencing specifically.

It looks like we have had staff try to contact you to work on this together, but have not received any response.  Maybe they had an incorrect email.  We'd like the opportunity to look at performance problems you're facing in ArcGIS Pro so that they might become actionable development issues to fix.  

I'd recommend working through Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro to start, which might help narrow down the cause of the issue.  If it does not, and you continue to experience performance issues, the next best step is to work with Technical Support.  Technical Support is the most effective way to convey the information needed for development teams to act on the issue.  It provides a trackable object (this may be a Case number and a bug number, if applicable) that can be referenced in the future. 

I want to emphasize that we understand there are opportunities to improve ArcGIS Pro performance, and there are some great improvements on the way.  But because performance can be affected by so many factors and specific circumstances, we can't be sure that the improvements coming in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 will address what you're seeing.  Please let us know if you're able to provide more information about performance issues you're seeing in Pro.

Thank you!

Im happy to give you any info or details about the issue. It would seem that regardless of system or data being used this is an issue across the board. Hopefully the next update helps but if there ia anything i can provide please feel free to ask.

I'll add my comments in here.  This software is markedly slower than ArcGIS, and it's apparent.  My recent example, using a blank ArcPro project I am trying to enable editor tracking on one layer on an enterprise server.  I waited 8 minutes for ArcPro to respond and make the option available.  Meanwhile ArcGIS/ArcCatalog is almost instantaneous and the option shows instantaneously.  Drawing is get a cup of coffee slow, adding layers even local layers is just as bad.  I fear this is another instance of software released before it's been thoroughly tested and over complication has simply made it worse.  For reference I am running an i7 1.99GHz processor with 16GB or RAM and a 64-bit OS, this should not be an issue, and I just can't wrap my head around how a project with two local data layers locks up for 5 minutes at a time.