Make ArcGIS Pro Faster (Benchmarked by ArcMap)

03-24-2020 02:28 PM
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Simple idea. 

GeoNet is flooded with complaints of how slow ArcGIS Pro is. 

64Bit Architecture was supposed to bring speed. 


Simple operations such as opening, saving, selecting, etc are sloooow. 

Geoprocessing takes forever and makes my PC sound like it's going to fly. 


I have compared the performance between Pro on my workstation grade laptop to my crappy admin laptop using Map and Map wins out solidly on almost everything. 


Pro has a nice UI and flow to it, but suffers from MAJOR performance issues on even the most powerful of machines. 

Working with local datasets has also not seemed to help at all. 


For reference, my workstation running pro has: 

8 core (16 Threads) Xeon 2.4 GHZ

32 GB of RAM

NVIDIA Quadro RTX300

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See this closing comment for details:

by Anonymous User

@KoryKramer - The map I was struggling with had 10 services, one KML, and a standard basemap, all loaded via ArcGIS Online. After building it, I wanted to do some more sophisticated editing in Pro, and brought it into a project.

Unfortunately, the primary data source I was using is no longer available, so I cannot exactly replicate the problem. Now, when I open the Apply Symbology tool, I get blue dots spinning for about 30 seconds. I select my input layer and get blue dots for another 10 seconds, I select my symbology layer, and wait another 10 seconds. I set up my symbology fields, and wait another 10. I can't actually test execution anymore, as the appropriate matching data doesn't exist. I don't think execution was particularly slow, however

When I do the same thing on a map in the same project with a local geodatabase, The tool loads in about 2 seconds, with no apparent lag selecting items.

My point isn't really about whether online data connections are making this slow or not. It's more about why the tool needs to apparently take the time to verify those connections, if that's what it's doing while I watch blue dots? All of those layers are already added to my project and have styles applied. Can't that information be stored in local memory so the tool doesn't have to re-populate the layers lists every single time? Running this on 15 different layers was such an awful prospect that I made my own local copy, which entirely defeats the purpose of using publicly-served data. 

As a comparison, the same process in QGIS is right-click, copy symbology, right-click, paste symbology. No lag, no fields to populate. If I want to get fancy, there's a sub-menu where I can choose specific aspects of the symbology to isolate.

I will gladly share the project with you to do some further troubleshooting. Maybe you can shed some light on what's making the process slow for me!

by Anonymous User

Troubleshooting update with some help from @KoryKramer - the culprit for my slow Apply Symbology tool turned out to be a KML layer I had loaded via AGOL. Converting that to a Feature Class & removing the KML made the tool behave as Kory described. So, that's a workaround until they resolve the underlying problem, and Kory is now on my list of helpful people to call on!


It really feels like those old "static" websites that would try to behave like "dynamic" sites without actually adopting the proper technologies. Instead of selectively updating only what needed to change following a simple user-interaction, the entire page would be re-downloaded and re-rendered even if only a single line of text needed to be replaced. Think your local ISP's clunky online email portal compared to the slick Gmail interface. 

  • Apply a definition query with a simple WHERE statement to a featureclass that you've already downloaded 5 second ago and which is read-only on the server? Better re-download the entire thing just to be sure! No bother that you're working remotely over VPN and will now have to wait five minutes for it to reload.
  • Need to slightly change the color of the topmost layer's symbology? Better re-download and re-render all the other layers first! It's more important that the anti-aliasing be perfect. 
  • Oh, you want to collapse a pane? Get ready for a slow-motion slideshow of it minimizing while the entire map is repeatedly re-rendered at 10,000 dpi. 
  • Want to save your work every few minutes so you don't loose it when Pro crashes? Hope you're ok with a long pause while it writes to disk the fact that you changed the name of a layer.

PLEASE make this the highest priority for the development team aside from critical bugs!!! The slowness is causing me to make mistakes since I forget what I was doing while waiting for Pro to catch up. 


Thank you for the comments, @KeithD1 ! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing performance issues with ArcGIS Pro! To find out what could be going on here, we can do a few things:

• Does your machine meet or exceed the System Requirements for ArcGIS Pro?
• Please run ProPAT (the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment tool), available through the hyperlink. I would also suggest reading over the blog Kory Kramer posted about ProPAT, "Announcing the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT)", which describes this tool in depth, including what information it can yield for us.
• If you meet the System Requirements, and your ProPAT results indicate that your machine is running as expected, then I would recommend reviewing our Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro blog on Esri Community. This may help narrow down the cause of the performance problem.

You also mentioned a few things which caught my eye, such as working over a VPN and downloading read-only feature class data from a server. Could you describe how your environment is currently configured, including where your organization's data is stored and how this data is accessed?

Feel free to reach out with further questions or the results of ProPAT when you can!

Thank you!

Foremost, I like ArcGIS Pro. It is slicker than ArcGIS Desktop, and it i
getting better from version to version.

As for the hardware specs - I have a powerful workstation (CPU: AMD Ryzen 9
5900X; GPU: AMD Radeon 6800X, RAM: 64 GB 3600 MHz; Storage: 2 * Samsung EVO
980 PRO 2TB).

Thanks and regards, Tamir

I'm doing a lot of the same.  Processing data in ArcMap, publishing data from Pro.  Pro is suppose to handle it all and it's a piece of **bleep**.  Thanks ESRI for having us be your guinea pigs, rolling out Pro and using us to find all the bugs and request fixes. 


Also the Geometric Network for water and sewer worked great.  You had all of us build out our data per LGIM/Utilities and now with your "new & improved" Utility Network you want us to simply restructure our schema to match.  Did it ever occur to you that we have other software that relies on the schema structure you recommended?  Why cant you give use a one for one match for water and sewer GN in Pro.  It would save us a lot of frustration.


I am having trouble opening ArcGIS Pro 3.0 projects. They are on our work server (which I know can slow things down), but I never had issues with them using older ArcGIS Pro versions. I contacted ESRI support, and they told me that it was because I had too many maps and layouts in one project. However, now the project that won't load when I try to open it only has 3 maps and 2 layouts in it. The data in the gbds is pretty simple too. Let me know if you all know of any solutions or workarounds for ArcGIS Pro 3.0. 

These are my computer specs:

11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz 3.50 GHz, RAM: 64 GB, 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor, Windows 11 Pro, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti



@MelanieMossing if you updated to ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and have projects that are not opening, do you know if those might contain layers from Excel? See which points out some changes that may be required when working with Excel due to Pro 3.0 using .NET 6. The blog points to this help specifically:



hi there just migrated from arcmap to arcgis pro, we are running vrp for our fleet of vehicles. Using arcpy (python 2.7) it takes 6 seconds whilst using arcpy (python 3.8) it takes 14 mins!!. EPIC FAIL!! Excellent!! Pretty soon will have to try OR-Tools otherwise we ll stuck with arcmap 10.7.1. Nevertheless the routing algorithm in arcgis pro is better than arc map. Please fix it

tried on

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz

32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti


and on 

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core Processor 3.79 GHz

64.0 GB (63.9 GB usable)

AMD Radeon Pro WX3100



Hi @SOTIRIOSTRIANTOS I'm sorry that you're experiencing an issue when running your VRP. From your other post, it sounds like it would be good to troubleshoot the issue using your network dataset. I'd recommend reaching out to technical support to start the process. If your distributor requires assistance, let them know that they can escalate the case to Esri Inc. to seek additional resources. If you share details of the problem and the network dataset through the support case, and post the case number back here, the team may be able to take a look more quickly. Thanks