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List map graphics in TOC

05-02-2023 01:50 PM
Status: Open
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Similar to this idea -- Make all objects viewable in the TOC - Esri Community -- one of the most difficult parts of working with map graphics in ArcGIS Pro is just selecting them. They do not appear in the TOC like layout graphics, or how other design software might show layers in some sort of layers pane. The only real way to select them is either selecting all or selecting them directly on the map, and for graphics with null symbology (e.g. those used purely as label weights), even this is not possible. It also becomes messy when the select all button/command is actually selecting items in layers that are not the target layer and not visible. I have also run into situations where the interactive selection method does not me, these should all be fixed, but the fixes would be incomplete without listing the graphics as individual layers like in any other design/layout-based application. With this, manipulating and locating map graphics would be much easier; it's what I expected when first using these, really.

Oh, and with the current setup it's also nearly impossible to determine if a graphics layer is empty before deleting it.