Layer Status Bookmarking

07-11-2012 05:30 PM
Status: Open
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Sometimes when working on a map you need to turn layers on/off to perform edits/corrections on the map.  Then when you are done with your edits/corrections, you need to set the layers on/off status back to what it was previously before performing the corrections.  This can become difficult to remember exactly how you have the map setup and which layers were turned on/off.  Add an option to bookmark a layers on/off status as well as which layers/groupings are collapsed/expanded.

Would be very helpful. Or UNDO/REDO layer visibiliy in TOC...

Undo/redo layer visibility in the Contents pane was added in ArcGIS Pro. If changes are made to the contents pane (like turning off layer visibility, collapsing layers, etc.) and edits are made, Mapping changes can be undone separately from Editing changes and vice versa.


I realize that this is an old request for ArcMap, but hopefully sharing this new functionality in ArcGIS Pro is helpful.