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Group layers without changing the layer order

03-16-2023 12:05 PM
Status: Open
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So, I would think this may be a unique need, but I also want the same thing in Photoshop and Flash, so I figured I'd ask here.

I'd like to be able to assign layers to a Tag or Category in order to group them for management without changing the order.

For example, I have a series of layers that I want for the final product, but are resource intensive (lots of features, blend modes, etc.), so I don't always need them on. So I can turn them on and off individually, or by selecting them all and then ctrl + clicking the box, but it'd be far more efficient if I could group them (e.g. "Laggy Layers") so I could turn them all on or off at once. 


Being able to add these to a category or thematic group (Highlight effects, Cartographic cheating, etc.) so they could be managed as one unit while maintaining layer order would be an amazing addition and help a lot.

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This is a great idea! It could be implemented as a separate "List by..." option in the Table of Contents (i.e. List by Tag) and the tags are applied in a drop down on the "Feature Layer" ribbon. 

If layer has multiple tags assigned, only 1 needs to be selected to make that layer visible. The layer will remain On in the map until all assigned Tags for that layer are turned off. 

Assigning tags to a Layer:


Turning Layers on/off by Tag in Table of Contents:


The user could be given more control by implementing the Radio or Checkbox options to enable single or multiple selections in the Table of Contents "List by Tag" pane.