Include ArcGIS Desktop 10.x styles with ArcGIS Pro

12-30-2020 07:59 AM
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We all know that if we want to use ArcGIS Desktop 10.x styles with ArcGIS Pro, we must import them into our Pro project as an imported style.  

Pro also has a limited number of native styles in contrast to what Desktop has available.

It's one more step for map creation in ArcGIS Pro, when you want to use a symbology from a style that was available in ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x) 

Many users, such as myself, rely on those Desktop styles to author maps and it's perplexing why so many styles were made available in one platform, but not another.

Further, if the effort is to win the hearts and minds of seasoned Desktop users to convert to Pro, it would seem logical to make sure the styles and symbologies that are available in ArcMap are natively accessible in ArcGIS Pro. 

One day, we won't need  to install ArcGIS Desktop because Pro has all the functionality we need, hopefully?  Migrating the existing styles from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Pro would help that transition!


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Hi @Matt_Trebesch I asked this over on but figured I could cross-post on this idea thread:

At ArcGIS Pro 2.6, custom styles (which would include any style imported from ArcMap) can be added to project favorites.


This means that they can be managed like other Favorites - you can decide whether you want a style to be added to all new projects, or just have it available as a favorite that can be added to projects and used as needed.  

Are you already saving your converted ArcMap styles as Favorites and marking them as 'Add To New Projects'?




I'm not converting my ArcMap styles as Favorites yet. I will give that a shot.

But, I'll still stand by the idea that one day, both products will not be installed.   One day it will ONLY be Pro.   What happens to the ArcMap/Desktop styles then? 

I think to enrich ArcGIS Pro, converting/adding however these styles from ArcGIS Desktop during ArcGIS Pro installation would be ideal.